Emergency Funds

Two agencies that partner with our local agencies and governments is NESDCAP and NESDEC. Here is a brief summary of what they do:

The Northeast South Dakoka Community Action Program (NESDCAP) and Northeast South Dakota Economic Corpotation (NESDEC) are here to help promote community excellence and stimulate economic growth through loans, techinical assistance and partnerships.

NESDCAP recently announced that they have emergency funds available for families in the counties of northeast SD, including Hand County.

These funds can be used for:

  • Utilities, utility deposits, and utility reconnection fees (electrical, water, sewer, garbage, propane, natural gas).
  • Rent/mortgage payments or rental deposits. Must be past due in their payments.
  • Food and personal care vouchers will also be available up to $300 or three months of need.
  • Tools, equipment, uniforms, specialized shoes, necessary for employment up to $300 per person.  
  • Public transportation, fuel for personal vehicles, personal vehicle repairs, bus transportation to shelters, medical related transportation up to $300. 
  • Eye glasses (up to $300 per person), prescription medicine, and dental work up to $500 or three months prescriptions. Clients may also be assisted with 35% COBRA co-payment for health insurance for newly unemployed individuals.
  • Temporary Shelter including hotels, boarding houses, shelters.

To qualify, the family income must be below 200% of poverty income guidelines based on the family size.

Family size              Income

  • 1                                  $21,660
  • 2                                  $29,140
  • 3                                  $36,620
  • 4                                  $44,100
  • 5                                  $51,580
  • 6                                  $59,060
  • 7                                  $66,540
  • 8                                  $74,020

To contact NESDCAP, you can call 605-698-7654, or go to their website at www.nesdcap.org.


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