OHDC Board of Directors

Occasionally, someone will ask a question about the On Hand Development board of directors. They may be curious about who is currently on the board, how someone gets on the board, or when the next election is. I’ll try to provide a good summary of our board of directors and answer some of those questions.

We can have from seven to eleven directors on the board in a number of different categories. Three positions are governmental directors and include one City of Miller council member, one Hand County commissioner, and one Miller School District board member, or their representative. The governmental directors are selected by those respective organizations’ governing bodies and appointed to the OHDC board each year.

Three at large directors are elected by the members of the Miller Civic and Commerce. One at large director is elected each year at the annual OHDC and C&C meeting held at the end of January. These directors serve a three-year term.

The OHDC board of directors appoints the remaining directors, from one to five positions, for three-year terms. Two of these positions are designated as finance directors and must have a background in banking, financial products, accounting, or similar areas.

We currently have eleven members on the board and they include:

  •  Joe Zeller, City of Miller council member
  • Jim Iverson, Hand County commissioner
  • Kevin Watts, Miller School District board member
  • Becky Nelson, President and at large director
  • JoAnn Morford, at large director
  • Travis Anderberg, at large director
  • Tim Prince, Vice-president and finance director
  • Laine Warkenthien, Secretary/Treasurer and finance director
  • Greg Rediger, appointed director
  • Bryan Breitling, appointed director
  • Tiffany Hofer, appointed director

It is important to have a diverse and committed board of directors. As outlined above, there are several mechanisms for joining the board. We would welcome any interest people may have in joining. Simply give me a call at 853-3098 or stop by the office to let me know.


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